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1st Snowstorm

Even though we first looked at the house in December 2009 with snow on the ground – and snow was our major delay factor during the entire closing process (I’m sure we’ll eventually get into that story), this past week we had our first big snowstorm living on the mountain.  We got about 12 inches up on Bull Run Mountain – while DC only about 40 miles to the east got 5ish.  

I left work early that day, just before 3 to leave the rush that was sure to happen since  federal workers got a 2 hour early release.  And good thing I left when I did, the ride home took twice as long as usual!

Ridge Road - just after the last switchback.

"Stoneman's Hill"

Stoneman’s Hill is a personal name we use to describe a section of road along Summit Road.  That area deserves pictures and a post of its own.  Needless to say it’s a sight to see!

Last Stretch!

Taking pictures while driving probably isn’t the smartest idea – but really gives a first hand view of some of the drive up the mountain in a snowstorm.  We had just about 3 inches on the ground at this point.

The power went out at about 7pm on Wednesday night – right about the time that the puck was supposed to drop for the Caps game.  Meaning Tim was cranky! Fortunately we kept the fireplace going, had plenty of candles and flashlights, and put on a few extra layers before bed (thank god for under armor!) and woke up on Thursday to still no power.  Before the shoveling could begin we got the grill on the back deck going and cooked up a big breakfast.  While of course cereal was the easier option – bacon and eggs always sounds better!


Keeping the perishables cold out on the back deck…

We got power back about 3pm on Thursday and were really some of the lucky ones to get it back so quickly.  The heavy snow brought down a lot of power lines in the Northern Virginia/DC area – at the height of the power outage there was something like 400,000 people without power.

After the storm:

The Backyard

Snowy wonderland

Of course we had to play outside with the dogs – they LOVE the snow 🙂

Roxie & Jackson

Looking for something to chase in the backyard...


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We closed! After a 5 week delay, Tim and I officially became first time home buyers yesterday afternoon! After the frustration of the snow, more snow, and yet more snow – we really thought the issues holding us up would never be resolved.  The septic work that had to be completed was truly a thorn in our side for the past few weeks – but we are very thankful the work was taken care of prior to closing and inspection went smoothly.   We can now proudly call that little grey house on the mountain our own. 

We’ve now made 6+ stops at Home Depot in the past five days, and we’ve just started (and Tim has plans to stop again tonight!).  Clearly we need to better plan the trips to be more efficient with them 🙂  At least we are mixing it up between multiple locations!

This will be our little spot to document and share with family and friends this move to the mountain and making our first home our own.   More to come, we’ve just begun!

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