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With that title I’ll start by saying that fortunately the tree wasn’t on OUR house.  Unfortunately it was on our across the street neighbors house, bringing the visual reality of living surrounded by beautiful old trees very close to home.

This happened on a Friday about two weeks ago…I headed off to work, pulled out of the driveway and drove by the neighbor’s house, and slammed on my brakes when I saw this:

That next day was a Saturday and by about lunchtime 5 huge landscaping trucks pulled up, along with the owner of the house.  He was in much better spirits than I would have been if a huge tree fell – bringing down a second one down with it – right through the house!

Our roads on the mountain are narrow (sometimes it’s questionable whether two cars can pass by each other), and his driveway even worse – so the trucks blocked the road for a few hours and got to work.  By Saturday afternoon this was the progress:

Removing all the branches made it look (to me) worse – you could see better the gaping hole into the house.  The tree went through the roof, through the attic, through duct work and wiring, through the ceiling, and into the main section of his house.

They were back Sunday to remove the main trunk of the tree(s) and covered the whole thing up with a giant tarp.  Which is a good thing considering the ton of rain we’ve gotten since this happened. 

How things look now:

You can see the concave areas – pushed down by snow earlier this week – and rain collecting more recently.  I think we got 2+ inches of rain yesterday, and last night had a tornado watch in our county for the storms coming through.

The ground is extremely wet right now due to the rain, but the 10-day forecast shows sunny skies…fingers crossed!

We don’t know where the homeowner goes from here…if it’s fixable – or needs to be completely re-built due to structural issues.   We’re curious to see what happens…

Would you rather fix-it – or – rebuild?


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A torrential downpour yesterday, with roads flooding & our yard work pushed off until next weekend.  But before bed crazy winds and some surprise snow…

About 2 inches on the back deck.  

Everything looked crisp and white this morning.  I did think I was past cleaning off the car and scraping ice – at least for the next 9 months or so, but I guess not!

A pretty view on the way to work.  But with highs in the 50’s today I’m sure much, if not all of it will be gone by the time I get home tonight. 

It was interesting to see snow at the top of the mountain, and by the time I drove the 3 miles down to the bottom intersection with the main county road – nothing!  Quite the little micro-climate we have up there.

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