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Mmmmmmm Dinner

Another chilly morning = a good day to bust out the crock pot. 

We really don’t use it as often as we should! We made some beef & venison chili a few weeks ago, but other than that it’s away in the cabinet more than I’d like.  I love coming home to the yummy smells of something that’s been cooking all day 🙂  

We recently purchased a half of a cow and our deep freezer is FULLY stocked with local, grass-fed beef…this was something I was interested in doing and had mentioned to Tim.  When friends of ours came across someone who was raising just a few cattle we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.   Eventually we’d like to find a source for chicken as well, but I think this is a step in the right direction.  

So dinner – a beef roast with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, herbs, some stock and a cup or two of wine in there from our favorite winery Chrysalis, that’s  just down the road. 

Beef Roast Crock Pot

The rest of the bottle to be enjoyed with dinner 🙂

Norton for the Roast

I’ll be sure to update with after pictures!

Updated – Dinner complete:

Whole wheat & Cheddar Biscuits

My plate – with a glass or two of wine of course 🙂


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Before the power went out.

Before the power went out last week I had a sudden flash of productivity (probably due to the fact friends were coming to visit for the weekend).  I was tired of the throw pillows on the couch that looked like this: Fraying pillow 1

and this:

Throw pillow 2

The pillows I picked up at Ross for something like $6 each, and they complemented the chair we have in our living room perfectly so of course I grabbed them, couldn’t beat that price!  But since we don’t have a “no dogs on the couch” rule at our house – Roxie and Jackson were using those new pillows as their own personal pillows when laying on the couch.  I think they got more use out of them than us!  So pretty quickly the seams were splitting and they were looking frayed.  If I didn’t do something soon the stuffing was going to be pulled out and strewn across the living room…kinda like all their stuffed animals!

I had been looking at pillow covers on etsy – but when they were $20 each at the low end I realized that it was something I could do.  I just needed to make the time! We had an extra 6×9 canvas drop cloth left over from another decorating project (future post).  So my neglected sewing machine and craft table were dusted off – and after just 45 minutes of measuring, pinning & sewing I had newly recovered pillows that were more durable and now washable for the dogs paw prints and drool that is sure to come 🙂 They are actually both snoring on the couch next to me as I write this!

Here’s the after:

Throw pillow after

What do you think? Not perfect, but it will do…I do think I need to add a brown ribbon stripe(s) or some sort of stencil print to it, perhaps next time – especially now that I know how easy it was to do! And literally not 15 minutes after I finished the two pillows – the power went out & productivity was over 🙂

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Sorting through all the random pictures we’ve taken it’s hard to know what to post next! The before pictures showed the pink wall color, droopy shower curtain rod, crooked pedestal sink and the fixture I don’t like.  So what’s changed….really just the first two things, plus some new caulking/waterproofing around the shower and bath fixtures – the sink and fixture are still on the someday to-do list 🙂

Hall/Guest Bathroom 1

Hall/Guest Bath 2

The wall color is “cornhusk” – a crisp green…probably not a color for everyone, but when faced with your first opportunity of putting some COLOR on the walls it’s hard to know that what you like will actually look good.  Fortunately, this is a color that worked out and I even found that shower curtain at Target that matched the green perfectly.   The print hanging in the white frame is something  I found on etsy and had saved as a favorite for a few months…it’s called ‘wild air’ and is from the shop thewheatfield.  It says: “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” A quote by Emerson.

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