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With some questionable color choices on the walls selected by the former owner – priming is a necessity in the master bedroom as the upstairs living room area.  We started last night in the master bedroom to get rid of a hideous red accent wall.  It was a little harsh for us – and not quite the neatest painting job I’ve ever seen  (I’m not sure the former owner ever used a roll of blue painters tape).

As we got started last night after a quick dinner from Panera, we weren’t sure how much we’d actually get done.  Tim conveniently forgot to tell me that he had actually never painted before, while I was under the assumption that he had at least some minimal experience! Ha, my mistake! I was happy to find out he’s a quick learner – and his height leaves him doing all the ceiling work – lucky him!

Master bedroom is primed and ceilings are painted – we are ready for some color on those walls!

Pictures to come…I’m doing my best to document as much as possible 🙂


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We closed! After a 5 week delay, Tim and I officially became first time home buyers yesterday afternoon! After the frustration of the snow, more snow, and yet more snow – we really thought the issues holding us up would never be resolved.  The septic work that had to be completed was truly a thorn in our side for the past few weeks – but we are very thankful the work was taken care of prior to closing and inspection went smoothly.   We can now proudly call that little grey house on the mountain our own. 

We’ve now made 6+ stops at Home Depot in the past five days, and we’ve just started (and Tim has plans to stop again tonight!).  Clearly we need to better plan the trips to be more efficient with them 🙂  At least we are mixing it up between multiple locations!

This will be our little spot to document and share with family and friends this move to the mountain and making our first home our own.   More to come, we’ve just begun!

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